1. Are there any differences between the Lexuma XScreen portable monitor and other XScreen?
    The new model of Lexuma Xscreen -- XScreen Duo is launched! Lexuma portable monitors are popular in the market. There are a variety of feedbacks an...
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  2. [Product Review and Unboxing] Lexuma XScreen Duo portable monitor with epic enhancement
    The newest Lexuma Xscreen Duo has been launched to meet different needs.  There are so many portable monitors in the market this year. Which is yo...
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  3. Comparison between all versions of XScreen Portable Monitor
    Comparison between different XScreen Portable Monitor There are different versions of portable screens on the market now. The portable monitor usu...
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  4. Difference between 1080p XScreen Portable Monitor [Wired] and 1080p XScreen Air Portable Monitor [Wireless]
    Wired 1080p XScreen Portable Monitor VS Wireless 1080p XScreen Air Portable Monitor Nowadays, the secondary monitor has become a big hit. With a s...
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  5. Lexuma XScreen Portable Monitor Connection Quick Guide
    XScreen Portable Monitor Series Connection Quick Guide Before we start connecting our device with Lexuma XScreen Portable Monitor Series, you may p...
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  6. Difference between XScreen [with built-in battery] and XScreen [without built-in battery]
    XScreen portable screen (with built-in battery) VS XScreen portable screen (without built-in battery) In the modern society of ours, pursuing effic...
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